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(= deliver again) individual → zurückschicken; negative temperature turned the aircraft back again to Heathrow → schlechtes Wetter zwang das Flugzeug zur Rückkehr nach Heathrow; they were being turned back again with the frontier → sie wurden an der Grenze zurückgewiesen

? change down vt sep bedclothes → zurück- or aufschlagen; collar, brim → herunterklappen; corner of website page → umknicken

commutate - reverse the direction of (an alternating electric existing) each half cycle In order to make a unidirectional present

a. To alter the situation of by traversing an arc of a circle; pivot: turned his chair toward the speaker.

= rotate knob, important, screw, steering wheel → drehen; to turn The crucial element from the lock → den Schlüssel im Schloss herumdrehen; what turns the wheel? → wie wird das Rad angetrieben?; he turned the wheel sharply → er riss das Steuer herum; he turned his head toward(s) me → er wandte mir den Kopf zu; he turned his back again for the wall → er kehrte den Rücken zur Wand; once his back is turned → sobald er den Rücken kehrt; to show one’s eyes towards(s) any individual → jdn anblicken

division, part, part - one of many portions into which anything is thought to be divided and which jointly constitute a complete; "the penned Section of the Test"; "the finance section of the organization"; "the BBC's engineering division"

CCP 1013: “…The services is total at the time of the deposit, but any duration of see and any right or duty to complete any act or make any response in just any interval or on the date certain once the assistance of the doc, which time frame or day is prescribed by statute or rule of court, shall be extended 5 calendar times, upon provider by mail, In the event the spot of address plus the put of mailing is in the Condition of California, 10 calendar days if possibly the area of mailing or even the location of handle is exterior the Condition of California but inside of The us, and twenty calendar days if both the place of mailing or even the spot of tackle is exterior the United States.”

This web page just isn't authorized tips, and there is no assure this info is current. If you want legal tips, you should Speak to a lawyer.

b. To reverse the study course of; lead to to retreat: "Then change your forces from this paltry siege / And stir them up from a mightier process" (Shakespeare).

acquire, get - arrive in to the possession of something concrete or abstract; "She got many paintings from her uncle"; "They acquired a completely new pet"; "Get the benefits the next day"; "Get authorization to get a couple of days off from operate"

45. the best or possibility to do one thing within an agreed get or succession: we'll choose turns to play; now It really this hyperlink is George's transform; you need to not Enjoy out of transform.

switch off, change off, transform out, Lower - induce to stop running by disengaging a switch; "Switch from the stereo, make sure you"; "Lower the motor"; "turn out the lights"

4. For being uncovered to become, as right after knowledge or demo: The rookie turned out for being the team's greatest hitter.

the economic climate could eventually be to the flip → puede que por fin la economía de un giro importante or cambie de signo

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